Stability with Mobility Volume 2 - For Musicians

The program combines strengthening, stability and stretching exercises. It is based on the principle that by strengthening the muscles that stabilize the neck, shoulders and lower back, while also increasing their mobility through stretching and self-massage, musicians will enjoy a greater freedom of movement.


"Ginette's exercises have been invaluable to me in keeping me fit and healthy enough to tackle difficult and physically demanding repertoire. They are tailor-made to address the specific needs of orchestral musicians and are also useful in overall body conditioning. More and more Toronto Symphony musicians are discovering these excellent exercises, and it is now a common sight to see us stretching before rehearsals and concerts. I feel truly indebted to Ginette for enabling me to perform pain-free. "

Wendy Rose
Assistant Principal Second Violin with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Some exercises are not suitable for everyone. If unsure about this exercise program, please consult your medical practitioner first.

The creators, producers and distributors of this program do not accept responsibility for any injury or accident incurred as a result of following the Stability and Mobility Volume 1 and 2 exercise programs.

DO NOT EXERCISE If you are feeling unwell or in pain from an injury, please consult your Medical Practitioner before attempting the exercises.

Always work within your own comfort zone- do not push yourself too hard - listen to your body. If an exercise gives you discomfort, recheck your position. The only exercises that could give you discomfort are the self massage exercises. The discomfort should go away once you stop. Stop any exercise if you experience numbness or tingling.

This video was not made for pregnant women however, they may benefit from the stability chapter in the exercise program.

You may want to view this video at least one time before participating to get familiar with the program.